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_The greatness of the great_, _the beauty of the beautiful_, _the prosperity of the prosperous_, _the joy of the joyous_, _and the delight of the delights_. This chapter shows all things, without exception, as the blessings of the Sage. The Manichaeans, based on the assumption that the omnipotence of God could not be lost, maintained that the universe was always existent, and that in spite of the suffering caused by the "fall" of humanity, humanity was "eternal." The "eternal" in the Manichaean tradition referred to the "eternal" universe, not the "eternal" humanity. This chapter also shows all things as the blessings of the Sage. But the blessing of the Sage is far greater than the blessing of ordinary men. The Manichaeans considered themselves better than ordinary people and saw all other men as "worms." This attitude affected their entire world view, with the result that they were inclined to condemn the "world" and the people in it. _The Great Tathagata was born in a world like this_. Since the Great Tathagata is in a world like this, "This world is very good." _The good principle of the good world_. The good principle in the good world means "the good principle of the Sage," the "good principle of goodness," the "good principle of the Buddha," and the "good principle of the Way." The term "good principle" is made up of the Chinese character for "principle" ( _li_ ), meaning "primordial," and the character for "fundamental" ( _da_ ), meaning "prime source." The "principle of the good world" is the principle of reality, the underlying ground of all phenomena. This is what is called the "principle of the good world," which is the principle of the Sage. All Buddhas are the same. They are all the original source of the good. _The work of all Buddhas_. All Buddhas work in the same way. They are all the original source of the good. _All Buddhas are compassionate_. The "all" in "all Buddhas" includes both men and non-human beings. The "compassionate" means compassion for all sentient beings. The work of all Buddhas is to save all sentient beings. _All Buddhas display all the virtues



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Tao Te Ching Richard Wilhelm Pdf 29

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